NIF: B60862240

POSTAL ADDRESS: Sant Gaudenci, 5   08870, SITGES (BARCELONA)


TELEPHONE: (+34) 93 894 74 53

MAIN PURPOSE: To provide information on and services in graphic design and reproduction


Data Protection

In accordance with current and applicable regulations as to the protection of personal data, we would like to inform you that your data will be incorporated into the data system owned by ART BONAIRE SL – NIF B60862240 – Registered office at SANT GAUDENCI 5 08870, SITGES (BARCELONA). The respective purposes, retention periods and legal bases in this regard are listed below. Where necessary, profiles may be created and automated decisions made. It is also possible that data may be ceded and international transfers may be made by ART BONAIRE SL:



Web management:

  • Purpose: Processing and management of the data necessary for the website to function correctly
  • Data conservation period: as long as the consent given is maintained
  • Legal basis: The consent of the interested party. Type of data: Merely indentifying. Cession: Not foreseen
  • International transfer: Not foreseen
  • Profiling: Not foreseen

Web forms:

  • Purpose: To respond to your inquiries and / or requests
  • Conservation period: as long as the consent given is maintained
  • Legal basis: The consent of the interested party. Type of Data: Merely identifying. Cession:  None
  • International transfers: Not foreseen
  • Profiling: Not foreseen

    Regulatory compliance management:

    • Purpose: Management and processing of the obligations and duties arising from compliance with the regulations to which the entity is subject
    • Conservation period: copies of the documents concerned may be kept until such time as the period available in which to claim possible liability expires.
    • Legal basis: Compliance with a law
    • Type of Data: Merely identifying data
    • Cession: If necessary, your data will be shared with the government and / or other bodies responsible for these matters, so as to comply with the obligations established in the applicable regulations. The legal basis for the latter is that of compliance with said regulations. 
    • International transfers: Not foreseen
    • Profiling: Not foreseen

    Commercial activities:

    • Purpose: Collection, registration and processing of data for the purposes of advertising and commercial prospecting of our products and / or services
    • Conservation period: as long as the consent given is maintained
    • Legal basis: The consent of the interested party. Type of Data: Merely identifying. Cession: None
    • International transfers: Not foreseen
    • Profiling: Not foreseen

    Management of requests for estimates:

    • Purpose: To be able to manage and process the requested estimate
    • Conservation period: as long as the consent given is maintained
    • Legal basis: The consent of the interested party. Type of Data: merely identifying.
    • Cession: Not foreseen
    • International transfers: Not foreseen
    • Profiling: Not foreseen

      Rights of the interested parties

      ART BONAIRE SL hereby informs Users that they may exercise their rights of access, rectification, limitation, deletion, portability and opposition to the processing of their personal data via the Data Controller, as well as the withdrawal of any consent given.

      • Right of Access: The right of a User to obtain information about their specific personal data and its processing, whether in the past or present. They may also request information on the origin of said data and on any cession, whether past or planned for, in this regard.
      • Right of Rectification: The right of the affected party to modify any data that proves to be inaccurate or incomplete. This applies only to the information held by ART BONAIRE SL, such as the deletion of comments published on the web page itself, or images or web content that include a User’s personal data.
      • Right to the Limitation of data processing: The right to limit the purposes of processing as originally planned for by the person responsible for said processing.
      • Right of Deletion: The right to delete the User’s personal data, with the exception of the provisions covered by GDPR, or other applicable regulations governing the obligation to store said data, its format and duration.
      • Right of portability: The User’s right to retrieve the personal data provided, in a common, readable and structured format and transmit it to another entity.
      • Right of Opposition: The right of the User to deny permission for their personal data to be processed, or to prevent ART BONAIRE SL from continuing to do so. 

      In order to exercise any of the rights described above, the following requirements must be met:

      – Submission of a letter to the attention of ART BONAIRE SL at SANT GAUDENCI 5 08870, SITGES (BARCELONA) or by email to

      – Said letter from the owner of the data concerned must meet the following legal requirements:

        • Name, surname of the interested party and copy of the DNI / NIE or any other identifying document. In exceptional cases, where representation is allowed,it will also be necessary to identify the representative in the same way as above, and provide a document in proof of said representation. A photocopy of the DNI may be substituted for the original as long as the identity of the party concerned can be proven by some other legal means.  
        • Specification of the request. (Financial year within which the information you want to access is requested). If you do not refer to a specific file, you will be provided with all the information there is that contains your personal data. If you request information in a specific file, only the information in that file will be provided. Information related to a third party can never be provided. If you request information over the phone, you will be asked to do so in writing and informed of how to proceed, along with the address to which you have to send your reuqest. Information will never be given over the phone.
        • Address for notification purposes.
        • Date and signature of the applicant.
        • Documents supporting the request in question
        • The interested party must use any means of dispatch and receipt of the request concerned for which proof can be provided.  

      Finally, we would like to inform you that, should you become aware of, or believe that, a breach of the applicable regulations on data protection has occurred, you have the right to file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

      ART BONAIRE SL undertakes to adopt all necessary technical and organizational measures in accordance with the degree of risk that such processing involves and, as indicated in the section on terms and conditions of use, in such a way that integrity, confidentiality and availability are guaranteed.

      LAST UPDATED: June 2, 2021